Create a New Facebook account | How to Create a Facebook Account

Create a New Facebook account | How to Create a Facebook Account: Looking for a guide on how to set up a Facebook account?

This post teaches the step by step guide on how to easily create another Facebook account.

Facebook is one of the largest growing social networks in the world, that provides all its users with a number of services such as chat, call, videos, sharing of locations and many more.
Create a New Facebook account | How to Create a Facebook Account
Connecting with friends, family, and people around the world is the most innovative feature of Facebook.

So feeling excited to connect with the Facebook community. You just need to create a Facebook account and set your Facebook profile. So that your friends and other people can recognize you and connect with you.

Wondering about how to create a Facebook account, don’t worry it will just take few minutes to create a Facebook account. 

How to create a Facebook account 
The things which are needed prior to creating a Facebook account are as follows: 

- You must be 13 years of age or older than that as it is the first and basic Facebook age limit requirement for connecting with the Facebook community. 

- The next requirement is the working email id that will help you confirm and activate your account. 

- And you must have your mobile with use because you need to verify your Facebook account with your number for security reasons. 

Steps needed to be followed for creating a Facebook account: 
- Go to the Facebook home page that can be accessed from any of the search engine you prefer to use. 

- Enter your first name, last name and remember to always use your actual name. 

- Provide an active email address and retype it to confirm your email address. 

- Now you need to provide a password that will keep your Facebook account safe and secure. But you need to remember your Facebook password for further log into your account. 

- And then you will find the section to enter your birthday, that will help Facebook to confirm and authenticate your age, that you are above 13 years or not. 

- After that you need to tell about your gender, are you male or female. 

- Click on the sign up button, if all the information that has been proved by you is correct and authenticated. Now you will receive a confirmation mail. 

- The confirmation mail is delivered to your mailbox with a link to authenticate your Facebook account. Sometimes it might take a few minutes to be delivered so be patient and wait for it.

- Open the verification mail and click on the link provided in the content of the mail. You will be redirected to your Facebook account. 

- You will receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone number that you had provided. 

- The mobile phone is confirmed with the help of the confirmation code that you enter when it is asked. 

So it just took a few minutes for you and your account has been already created. Now you must be wondering why did you need to provide your mobile phone number to Facebook. 

The answer to your question is to confirm and authenticate you and provide you with alerts and notifications about your account. 

Now as you have created your Facebook account, you need to setup your Facebook profile. As there is not much information and details about you. 

You need to provide with all the details that can be displayed on your profile to help your friends and others know and recognize you on Facebook.

How to personalize Facebook profile 
After you have created a Facebook account you need to personalize or customize your Facebook profile.

As people cannot recognize or find you without any information on your profile page or even if they find they might not be able to recognize you.

So here is what you need to do, so that your friends can recognize you and your experience with using Facebook will much more fun.

Ways to personalize Facebook profile: 
- First of all, you need to add a profile picture to your Facebook profile. It will help people know that it is you, who is using this account.

- Add a cover picture that is displayed as a background image on your profile homepage.

- Enter your ideas or your favorite quotes in the column provided as favorite quotations. It will help people know whats in your mind.

- The bio section lets you provide a brief introduction to yourself but you need to be precise as it has the limit of 101 characters only.

- You can add many pictures to the album section of your Facebook profile that you want to share with your friends and display to other people. Including your education institutions where you have studied is a really very good option. It will let your classmate and schoolmates find and connect with you.

- Add the place you are working currently and all your previous work places. It will make your Facebook profile look professional and connect the people from your workplaces.

- Include your hometown and your current location. This will help you connect with people around your current location and hometown as well.

- You can add your family members to the family and relationship section.

- Update your relationship and marital status, which lets your friends and people connected on Facebook know about you.

- There is an interesting section that asks you about what are you looking for on Facebook. This provides the options such as the men, women, Friends, networks and so on. You can provide as much information as you want in this section of your profile.

So, these are the many things which can help you to personalize your Facebook profile. It is not mandatory to provide the complete detailed information in all the above sections.

It is up to you, you can add as much or very little information about yourself as you like. You just need to keep in mind the privacy settings of your Facebook account.

It provides you option such as you want to make the information public or displayed to only friends or display it to some specific friends only. The Facebook users many time face a large number problems.

The users who have any problem related to the Facebook set up of Facebook profile. Or the problems such as lost password or user name or any personal information.

They can find the solution to their problems with the help of the Facebook customer service.

The experts will provide you with instant and quick solution to all your problems at just one simple call.

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