Facebook Account - Reactivate And Deactivate Facebook Account

Facebook Account - Reactivate And Deactivate Facebook Account: Want to figure out how to reactivate a deactivated Facebook account?

We'll teach you the complete guide on how to reactivate and deactivate a Facebook account. Continue reading below: 
Facebook Account - Reactivate And Deactivate Facebook Account
As we know, Facebook is the world largest platform in the field in social network with around 1.4 billion active users per day. 

An unpredictable number of profiles come into existence every day. It allows you have to create a completely separate account and connect their friends, family, colleagues and easily share your daily life activities on Facebook. 

Most of the people create Facebook page for increase their business connection. If your Facebook account has been deactivated and you want to reactivate their Facebook and come in the social networking sites. 

And again connect with your friends and update new feeds and share with your Facebook friends. 

And you might be thinking “how it's possible”. Don’t worry now we will discuss about “reactivate Facebook account”

How Can Reactivate Facebook Account 
Follow these steps and instructions to reactivate your Facebook account.

- First-of-all, Open any browser on a computer. Type https://www.facebook.com/ in the search bar, Show on screen Facebook Login page.

- Enter Facebook Id and password in the two boxes at the very top right of the screen. You will use same email and password you used when you last signed into Facebook.

- A red sign will appear indicating that you are trying to log in using a deactivated account. Because your account has been deactivated earlier.

- And enter email address that was submitted at the time of registration, Facebook will send you an email to that address. Follow the reactivation link in the email.

- Then, your account will be restored to your old profile, you can access to log in and use your account properly.

Follow all the above steps, After a moment you will enter in the life of Facebook and enjoy with the social world.

In Another situation, when you want to deactivate your Facebook account. Also, leave Facebook world for any reason. So, here we discuss bellow about deactivate your Facebook account.

How Can Deactivate Facebook Account 
Follow these steps to deactivate Facebook account…

- Go to the https://www.facebook.com/ and Login Facebook page.

- Enter email address with correct password on Login box

- Go to Facebook navigation menu, Click drop-down arrow which appears at the right corner of the profile and select settings.

- Now you will appear more option, Select “General” and go to Manage Account, then Click it.

- Select a one reason for deactivating the account. If you can add more another reason so enter details in the given text box . When you’re done, then click Deactivate.

- Now Select Select Deactivate Now your account is deactivated Successfully and you’re exit of the Facebook world.

All above steps are very easy and simple you can follow carefully. In case you encounter any sort of problem with the steps or not able to resolve it's your hand.

That is it on Facebook Account - Reactivate And Deactivate Facebook Account.

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