Facebook News Feed Settings – www.Facebook.com

Let's get started with Facebook News Feed Settings – www.Facebook.com. This post is for those folks that would want to figure how to configure their news feed the way they want.

Before we proceed in details, let me ask this question: do you know of the Facebook news feed settings? 
Facebook News Feed Settings – www.Facebook.com
Interestingly, Facebook has currently announced another tweak to the News feed on the Facebook platform. 

And this time, the social networks has enabled its users to prioritize meaningful contents on their news feed by going through the Facebook News Feed Settings. 

Users are able to control and manage stories on their news feed can Facebook friends, family, brands, businesses, pages, groups and so much more. 

Well, if this actually sounds familiar to you, this is because the Facebook platform has made recent changes in the past.

I have also had an experience with the latest settings on the Facebook platform. Over time, my news feed has actually begun to bump me with updates and stories from hundreds of people and users and meanwhile it is hard to get stories from my close friends.

But with the help of the news feed settings launched on the platform, I am able to control and manage my news feed.
How to Set Up Facebook News Feed Settings 
Our news feed is the main location where all Facebook users get the most of all contents, details, and stories on Facebook.

With some few clicks and customizations, you can rest assured that what you see and get on your news feed are managed and controlled by you.

Facebook has made it so easy to access your Facebook News Feed Settings and edit your preferences for your news feed.

Now here’s how to get started;

1. Log into your Facebook account, in the upper-right side of the Facebook screen, click on “News Feed Preferences” or click on “News Feed”, you will find options, click on “Edit preferences”.

2. From there, you can adjust and set up some of your preferences and settings.

3. Below are the preferences you can adjust and manage

4. Decide whose posts and stories to see first – this lets you decide whose posts and storied you always want to appear at the top of your news feed. You could choose up to 30 friends or pages to see first

5. Unfollow some Facebook users in order to hide their stories and posts – this lets you choose people whose posts and stories you do not want to see.

6 You can get connected to people who you unfollowed

7. Explore and find the pages and groups that match your likes and interest – in order to add more contents and stories to your feed, you can suggest the pages whose stories you want to get on your news feed

8. See more options – this section includes other options and settings like the apps you would want to hide from your news feed.

Once you click on any of these options listed above, you will be able to make and adjust settings for your news feed.

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