Facebook Store - Set Up Facebook Store Step by Step - FB Store

Facebook Store - Set Up Facebook Store Step by Step - FB Store: Facebook Store is an online store created on Facebook for business owners who are into sells (retailing). 

As a retailer, this is a perfect way to showcase your products. 

If you are just starting up a brand which requires you getting out your product into the market, setting up a Facebook Store is absolutely the best idea.
Facebook Store - Set Up Facebook Store Step by Step - FB Store
It requires you paying no fee at all i.e. it is absolutely free for everyone to use.

If you have a fan page, FB Store gives your fans the opportunity to;
- Advertise their products
- Purchase products

You can reach your targeted audience through this means and I promise it doesn’t take your fans off your FB page.
Benefits of Facebook Store 
This store comes with benefits you shouldn’t miss out on especially if you are a retailer. Here are the benefits of this store;
- It gives you the opportunity to promote your products
- Easily gives exposure to new products you want to sell
- Engages customers with retailers and their products
- You can also become a brand advocate via the Facebook Store.
How to Setup Your Facebook Store 
The first step to starting up a Facebook Store is to make sure you have an existing Facebook account that is active.

Here is how you set up your FB Store;
1. Get on your Facebook Page
2. Click “Add Store”
3. Go to your business page
4. Click on “Settings” at the top right of your page
5. Click “Edit Page” located at the left column
6. At the bottom of the page click “Add Tab”
7. Navigate to “Shop Tab”
8. Click “ Add Tab”
9. Click “Close”

NOTE – Adding a store to your FB Page demands you adding a tab.

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Setup your own Store today and retail your products. It will cost nothing. You don’t require any ad payments at all.

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