How To Play Crazy Cooking Star Chef On Facebook Messenger - All You Need To Know

How To Play Crazy Cooking Star Chef On Facebook Messenger - All You Need To Know: Do you know you can play crazy cooking star chef game on Facebook Messenger? 

Yes, this post teaches the basic stuff you need to know about the Facebook Messenger crazy cooking star chef.
How To Play Crazy Cooking Star Chef On Facebook Messenger - All You Need To Know
For those of us that would want to know, Facebook Messenger Crazy Cooking Star Chef Game is a strategy game everyone should play. 

When it comes to cooking some persons think it’s a job for ladies but if you search you will discover that the best chefs in the world are males.

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So it is advisable everyone should engage in playing this game. If you desire to become a chef, this is just the game you need to keep you stay on your vision.

The game is played by over 11 million persons on Facebook. And I can assure you, it’s a great way to pass time.

How to Access Crazy Cooking Star Chef on Facebook
This game can be accessed on FB in two different ways which are;
1. Facebook Messenger Search
2. Connect to Facebook
3. Facebook Messenger Search

To access Crazy Cooking Star Chef using this means, all you need to do is;
1. Get on your Facebook Messenger or Facebook Messenger App
2. Type “Crazy Cooking Star Chef” in your search bar
3. Click on it as it pops up

Connect to Facebook 
Since the introduction of the Facebook Gameroom, many games now have the “Connect to Facebook” option.

After downloading and installing this game from any of your app stores, open it and you will see the options;
- Start and
- Connect to Facebook

Simply click “Connect to Facebook” to play the game on Facebook
How to Play Crazy Cooking Star Chef Game 
In this game, you are a chef who is required to render service to customers who come to your shop to buy things.

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The game has different levels and as you progress, the higher your workload. At the beginning of the game, you would have to pick a shop where you want to serve.

You have shops like;
- Burger Shop
- Pizza Shop

And lots of others...

As you start, you would be given a target which you must meet for that day. If you aren’t able to meet your given target, it's game over so you need to be sharp.

This game will increase your mental alertness I promise. Endlessly, customers will continue trooping into your shop to place their orders. It is imperative you swiftly prepare what they want and give to them.

If someone orders a cup of coffee and a hamburger, this is exactly what you must deliver to them with no delays.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. If you delay or deliver wrongly, it’s to your own detriment so you have to be smooth before you get your customers complaining.

It is very possible to continually surpass your targets because, once you can deliver on time with maximum satisfaction guaranteed, you will get more customers and tips from them which is evidence of great service.

From the tips you get and the monies you make, you can upgrade your kitchen appliances and foodstuff supply.

This game gives you a grand idea of what business is really about.

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