People Who Unfriended me on Facebook

People Who Unfriended me on Facebook - The question we wish to address in this article is: who unfriended me on Facebook? 

You can’t be able to see that who unfriended you from Facebook. But we have a solution to know about that person.

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If you follow these steps you can easily find those people who unfriended you. 

Chrome extensions for Facebook 
Unfriend notify extension 
In this process, you can easily find about that person who had removed you from their Facebook.

So follow these steps and easily find that person. 

1. Open the Facebook website on the chrome browser and Login to your Facebook account

2. Open the new tab and search for the chrome extension “unfriend notify for Facebook” and click on it. 

3. In this step you can click on the option shown on the right side is added to chrome. Then it automatically added on your chrome browser. 

4. If you want to see then re-login on the Facebook account and you can check on the Facebook. A new option is added on your friends profile when you click on the friends. Then you can find that who unfriended you from the Facebook account. 

Fb purity extension 
One more extension helps to find that who unfriended you from Facebook. This extension is known as “Fb purity” extension. 

This extension has many features like you can block all ads videos, you can hide all unusual video from your Facebook account. 

Fb purity extension has some steps to install and works. These steps are- 

1. In the search engine page, you have to search for “Fb purity” and click on the Fb purity website. 

2. After that, a website is open on the screen and you can check the website. Fb purity website has an option on the screen. This option is to install Fb purity extension and click on this option. Then click on the Add extension. 

3. This extension is successfully added on your browser and you have to log in on the Facebook account. 

4. You have to search for the friend list and you can find lost friend option. After that, you can easily find that who unfriended you from the Facebook. 

“Who deleted me app” for Facebook 
To find the person who deleted you on a Facebook can be done by the app available in the play store. This app is named “who deleted me” and helps to notify about the Facebook friends who Unfriended you.
People Who Unfriended me on Facebook
1. Firstly download this app from the play store and install it on your device.

2. For the working of this app, you have to give permission this app from the setting section on your mobile device.

3. After that, you can enable Facebook in this app.

4. If your friend unfriended you from Facebook then this app notifies you about this. You can easily check this person.

So, it is in the future if you want to see the person who unfriended you on facebook then always use these steps for easy tracking.

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