Setting Up a Facebook Store - For U.S Accounts & Non-U.S Accounts

Setting Up a Facebook Store - For U.S Accounts & Non-U.S Accounts: Do you want to figure out the steps involved in setting up Facebook store so you can easily showcase your ecommerce business to customers that matter?

This article got you covered.

In this post, you'll see the complete step by step guide on how to easily set up Facebook stores without stress.

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Interestingly, setting Up a Facebook Store isn’t really a difficult process just that some don’t have the idea that a U.S. Account differs from that of a Non-U.S. Accounts. 

From my last article, I taught you the procedures for starting a Facebook Store. Not to worry, I will leave the link at the end of this discussion. 
Setting Up a Facebook Store - For U.S Accounts & Non-U.S Accounts
When setting up a Facebook Store, it is demanded you indicate if you are creating a U.S. Account or a Non-U.S. Accounts.

Have These in Mind When Setting Up a Facebook Store 
When setting up your Store be it an American account or not, you must take note of these things;
1. Accurately pick your currency
2. Input a current address

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When it comes to selecting your kind of store you need to pick an option.

U.S. Accounts 
For a U.S. Account, you are required to select one of the following options;
- Check out on Another Website
- Check out on Facebook

Checkout on Another Website or Checkout on Facebook 
The option Checkout on Facebook is an option that helps you retail products via your Facebook business page.

This kind of market happens within Facebook while the Checkout on Another Website refers people to your website from Facebook i.e., it takes people off Facebook’s platform.

To set up a Checkout on Facebook Account follow these procedures;
1. Get on your Facebook Business Page
2. Click on the shop tab and
3. Choose your sales currency

Non-U.S. Accounts 
For Non-U.S. Accounts select any of the following options;
- Checkout on Another Website
- Message to Buy

If you are not making use of a Non-U.S. Account, you can’t retail on Facebook instead you would be allowed to pick the Checkout on Another Website option or Message to Buy.

To set up a Checkout on Another Website or Message to Buy option follow these procedures;
1. Check the box which helps you agree to the terms and policies
2. Click “Continue”
3. Choose how you want people to buy
4. Click “Continue”
5. Select your retailing currency

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